Kushyfoot Lace Foot Covers Photos & Review

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This post would have been much better suited to go up before NYFW, because for comfort on a long day every little bit helps. Ah, well... better late than never!

Let's cut right to the chase. The cutest shoes hurt the most. It's basically a fact.

Kushyfoot has some snazzy looking foot covers that not only do the obvious, but also feature a padded sole to "massage your foot with every step".

What the Kushyfoot website has to say about Lace Foot Covers:


Kushyfoot Lace Foot Covers provide the same cushioning as the Microfiber Foot Covers to protect the soles of your feet and also offer you the freedom of bare legs but with a pretty feminine lace showing thru your shoes to make a dressier look. Wear with heels to the office or with your ballet flats, every day. 3 pairs per order


Slip your feet into the foot covers, walk around and allow your feet to be pampered.

  • Fits Shoe Size 5 to 9
  • Fiber Content: 87% Nylon, 13%Elastane

These feel HEAVENLY. I can't say it feels like a massage, but it gets the job done and keeps your feets feeling fine.


Unfortunately, these foot covers can only be worn with those shoes that cover your whole foot. Strappy sandals and stillettos, peep toes ... can't help you there. I personally LOVE having these on when I wear flats. I'm not the type of person that can rock flats barefoot. IDK why, to each their own, but it grosses me out. The Kushyfoot Lace Foot Covers are cute (lace is VERY "in", after all) and help me wear flats comfortably.

You can purchase the Kushyfoot Lace Foot Covers for $11.97 (for a set of 3) on the website as well as at these retailers.