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As has been said by me more often that not my hair is oil on top, frizz on bottom. A random and actually stressful deal when it's time to get myself presentable in the Summer months. Actually, I should say that it's been stressful in the past (like my high school/college days) because nowadays there are a ton of great products lines out there for all hair types so we can all at least feel like we have the hair of a bombshell. For me, one of those lines is the Care Line from Keune.

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Keune Care Line Regulating Shampoo ($38.18 // Find a Salon). This shampoo worked wonders for cleansing my hair and actually helps to control sebum (oils). An excess of sebum will cause the hair to look oily and sometimes smell. If you have issues with oil, you need this. Using this shampoo actually allowed me to go into evening without having to spritz dry shampoo on my scalp. By morning I needed to either wash or apply dry shampoo, but I'm hoping over a longer period of time this will help control the oil into the next day.

Keune Care Line Ultimate Control Conditioner ($17.70 // Find a Salon). Made for frizzy hair this conditioner is nourishing without making my hair look limp or dirty. I have some flyaways around my hair line and this also helps to control that while locking out humidity. My hair was super manageable, soft and shiny. You can leave this on for 1-3 minutes. I used it for around a minute on the scalp and then applied a bit more from mid-hair to ends for more protection.

Keune Hair Shampoo Conditioner Review

Keune Care Line 2-Phase Spray Ultimate Control($33.08 // Find a Salon). Generally I use a cream product while my hair is damp (concentrating on the ends) and then a spray product on the ends before I style. Needless to say using just one product was intimidating, especially since I've had a lot of appointments this week and need to look as normal as possible. This leave-in spray has two parts - the white phase enhances shine and the blue phase controls frizz. You shake this well and then spritz it all over your hair. I concentrated it at the ends and then brushed it through for more even distribution. I found the formula to be light and easy to use.

Keune Hair 2-Phase Spray Review

This trio made my hair look healthy, feel healthy and helped control the major problem areas of my hair (i.e. oil and frizz). If you have a similar hair type to mine I would absolutely recommend these three products to you. They work and there is no heavy fragrance at all. If anything there is just a slight, refreshing scent that is hardly noticeable (and maybe it was just me imagining things lol that's how light it was!).

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