Keeping Comfortable & Maintaining Happy When Outside

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*I’m sharing #SwissHerbs in my life as part of a #Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™.

It's that time of the year!! Tournament baseball season. My son moved up an age group so he's back to being one of the youngest on his level. He said he wanted to try out for the All-Star Team again. Of course we let him but we were also mentally preparing ourselves that he wouldn't make it this time. He's going into 4th grade while the oldest kids on his level are headed into 6th grade. Maybe you're sitting there thinking "well, that's only two years". But I can tell you there is a decent difference in size, power and maturity in those two years.


At the end of the regular season we found out he made the team (YAY!) and I quickly realized I needed to get back in the mindset of packing my "mom bag" full of items that would keep all of us healthy, hydrated and - I'll just go ahead and say it - mentally stable through those long days of brutal heat and dusty dirt getting kicked around in our faces for 12 hours.

Ricola Soothing throat drops #swissherbs

Besides the usual things like water, sports drinks and SPF I also keep something on hand you might not think of but that is incredibly helpful at keeping me and the fam healthy and comfortable - Ricola® Original Throat Drops.

Ricola herb throat drops #swissherbs review

I mentioned dirt kicked in the face... obviously I'm not ON the field... BUT, while "fans" sit on the bleachers, parents round the fence to cheer on their little mini-me and see as much as possible. My spot is usually around the third base area where just about every player slides to get to. I eat a lot of dirt. In case you've never eaten dirt before it's not very good and it really dries out the throat making it hard to talk let alone yell and cheer for your kid. The Ricola® throat drops keep my throat from drying out and also help with maintaining a natural well-being, resulting in a more comfortable day due to Chrütercraft, which is the blend of ten signature herbs.


These herb drops make the day pass quickly and go as smoothly as possible. No one needs an uncomfortable, cranky mom around! How do you keep your throat refreshed on a long, hot day?

*I’m sharing #SwissHerbs in my life as part of a #Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™. All opinions remain honest and my own. For more info on Ricola visit them on Facebook & Twitter.