Just Because it's Quiet Doesn't Mean it's Quiet

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My husband once said to me "How do you stand it?".... and by "it" he meant the quiet. The quiet time of when he leaves for work and the kids are on the bus. I stared back at him and said "The quiet is my everything and it's what keeps me sane".

Just because it's quiet doesn't mean it's quiet

As the day went on I thought more about this so-called quiet he speaks of and realized that my day isn't quiet. Just because I'm home alone doesn't mean I'm sitting in a dark room meditating. I'm working, on the phone with clients or the school, going to places to grab items for blog posts, volunteering at the school, stressing about work, dinner, the weekend plans and how we'll fit it all in .... I'm that person that's so involved in their to-do list that I forget to even eat until my alarm goes off to find my keys and pick up the kids from the bus. YES I said alarm because if I didn't set an alarm I'd work right through bus drop-off time.

scheduling me time

It's likely all of you get what I'm laying down on some level. Especially if you work from home doing something that you love. Even cleaning the house or organizing clothes (which can take all day) gets you so engrossed and lost in what you're doing that the time flies. So, what my husband said pushed me to set more alarms on my phone. Alarms for "me" time. For that real quiet time.

enjoy life it's delicious

So what the heck do you even do with this me-time and how long do you take? For me, personally, I can't go more than a 5-10 minute break at a time. I think it's better to do a few small breaks like this rather than a super long 30-60 minute break. (Even when I worked out of my home I never wanted to break. I eat fast and then I get bored and lazy. Breaks just aren't me). If I take a short, quick break I don't feel like I'm neglecting what I need to get done before the kids get home yet it also gives me a much needed period of time where I can eat, sip some coffee...think about nothing.

taking time out for yourself

Generally I'll sit on the back porch with a cup of coffee and a snack. I like to grab something convenient that I don't have to prepare or clean up after like a Café Breaks Pudding Cup. This is a top choice because two of the flavors - Mocha Latte & Caramel Latte - go with my coffee and I can just pop it open, eat it in a few bites and throw the container out. Simple, easy and back at that to-do list.

Since I've been doing this I've had less writers block, felt less frustrated with my schedule and been a more pleasant person all around. Who knew?

taking a break for yourself mommy time out

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What do you like to do for a quick bit of "me-time"?

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