June 2012 GlossyBox Photos & Review

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The June 2012 GlossyBox is all about promoting Summer Simplicity. With the heat wave in full effect, I'm all about some rejuvenation!

Currently available in 19 countries, GlossyBox has become known for their high quality samples and prestigious brands such as NARS, Lancome, Laura Mercier, and more.


So, what is in the June 2012 GlossyBox? A whole lot of goodness! Let's get started!

The first item is from BeautyAddicts and is the Show-OFF Mascara in Jet Black. This mascara is formulated with Argon Oil which is stated on the card to "give your lashes an intense, dramatic look without clumps or smudges". I actually REALLY like this mascara. It's a full size item (retail $20) and it curls and elongates your lashes like no other. It separates just as well as your favorite mascara already does. The only thing I don't think it did was thicken my lashes. I would definitely buy this when I run out.


Next is the First Aid Beauty Smooth Shave Cream. This is perfect for me because it's fragrance free, which means my skin will be able to handle it and not break out in hives. This works nicely and is another item I'd repurchase. Retail on this shave cream is $16.50 for a full size (6.8oz). The size received is 2.0 fl oz.

Up third is a sample size of Kinerase Restructure Firming Cream. I love a firming cream. At 31 I'm starting to feel like I need all the firming crap I can get my hands on. The scent of this isn't really appealing, but it absorbs nicely and made my skin soft. Win.

Fourth we have a new-to-me brand and product, Shea Terra Organics Ultimate Moisturizing Body Creme. It almost looks like it should be a mud mask, but it goes on sheerly and has a cooling effect. Very smooth. It also smells like those Knott's Berry Farm fruit cookies. Yum.

Next we have Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Treatment. This.smells.so.freaking.amaze. I haven't used it yet, though, because it doesn't say on the card or the packaging if I'm supposed to leave it in, and if so for how long? Do I rinse it out? Help? It's a sample and I don't want to waste it and use it wrong! If you've reviewed this, link me!

EDIT: GlossyBox sent the scoop! "WELLA Treatment Directions: 1.Wash hair 2. Wring out excessive water from hair 3. With fingers, pick, or shower comb, you comb treatment through hair 4. Let sit for 5-10, then rinse thoroughly. For a more intensive treatment, just one of many ways: Do steps 1-3, then wrap a hot towel form your dryer on your head, let it set for a bit, then rinse. -A little goes a long way with this product. I have long, thick hair, and will get about 3 uses out of it."

Finally, a special surprise treat, the A Perfume Organic fragrance in Urban Organic. Unfortunately, my daughter got her hands on this (at three she already has me on my toes about stealing my stuff lol) and dumped it into the garbage can (better there than the floor). However... it smells really good. So, yay for that.. but sad face because I can't wear it!

My final take? I love everything! Even the sample sizes I'll use because they smell, look, and feel amazing. Another extra was a hard copy of the new "Glossy Mag", which you can also view online.

I'm glad to review a box that is filled with the sizes of what are truly in their boxes (the first box I reviewed was all full sized items and not conducive to what would truly be in the box every month), but I'm super sad this one didn't have a mini Burberry lipstick like the May box. So spoiled... I think every subscription box should contain an adorable mini Burberry anything!

GlossyBox is a subscription service. You sign up on the website and then from there you can order your subscription based on one month, six months, or a year. You’ll answer a series of questions and based off of that, you will receive a customized box. This is all pretty standard for a beauty subscription service.

The price is a bit higher than that of other services you may have heard of or belong to. At $21 I would expect double the awesomeness of what I’d receive from, say, Birchbox.

GlossyBox will always offer a MINIMUM of five products. After receiving your box, you can fill out more surveys in order to rate the products you received so they can better tailor your next package. So, basically, after a few months of the service, your packages should be PERFECT.

**TIP - Make sure you review the products received in your GlossyBox to receive 20 GLOSSYDots per review. You can use these toward your own free box!**