July 2012 Little Black Bag Review .... Take a Peek!

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As with this months Birchbox, I also didn't get around to filming an open box video for my July Little Black Bag. Stupid being sick... stupid no sun....

Anyway, at least you get to see what I got. As I write this intro, I still haven't opened it yet. It's been here for days. Ugh... I so wanted to do a video. What I figured I could do, is take the pics as I open each item, and then run in to the computer and type up my initial reactions and thoughts. Not as FUN as an open box video, but it's in the spirit of one!

Here we go... let's OPEN THIS SUCKER!

Inside of this months Little Black Bag I received six items. The usual 3 items, then I had a referral credit and also an Elle Flower free item coupon code. With the original item that I chose I got a great swap and actually had ended up with 11 items at one point. But 9 of them I absolutely didn't want. So we pared down to 6 items that I either wanted or was meh about. Let's see how everything looks!!!


The first item is from ZAD and they are the Gold Hammered 2 Piece Diamond Earrings. Not diamond in the gem sense, but in the shape. I did not want these when I saw them online. I was trying to trade for another pair of gold earrings. In person, I REALLY like them! They look a lot prettier and are definitely a pair of earrings that I'll wear quite a bit. Win!

The second item is from Betsey Johnson and is the Rose Stem Drop Earrings. I wasn't crazy about these on the site either. I thought they'd be a little too garish for my style, but they really aren't too bold. Maybe a little longer than I'm used to, but I think they'll be great for more occasions than you'd realize.


The third item is also from Betsey Johnson and is the Blue Two Row Necklace w/ Flower Necklace (thats weird to say but I took the name from the receipt lol). I did want this one. SO BAD. I actually wanted the black and yellow one more (Steelers fan! LOL) but this one is SO gorgeous that I don't mind having it and then trying to hopefully get my paws on the black and yellow one too. It's delicate, but still fun.


The fourth item is by Carol Dauplaise and is called the Bold Turquoise Collar Necklace. This designer always has gorgeous and different jewelry items to choose from. I liked this one because it was chunky and industrial while still being boho. I did go back and forth about whether or not I would trade it, and in the end I am SO HAPPY that I didn't. It's such a statement piece!

The fifth item is by Betsey Johnson (are you sensing a pattern here?!) and is the Crystal 3 Row Chain Necklace. This was actually the main item that I picked for my bag last month and ended up trading out. Super happy to have it back. It will be a fun piece to wear for dressier occasions or even just with jeans if I'm going out.


The sixth and final item is from BCBGeneration and is the Black Bailey LG Foldover Sequin Clutch. I love, love, love this bag. I totally did not want it, but now that it's here I love it. However. It's not totally black. That, I don't like. The sequins are really a black and white swirl. On the site I guess I just thought that white was a sequin glare and when it arrived it would be all black. At this point I don't know what to do... because it's HUGE, especially for a clutch, zips, and has interior pockets. Like I seriously love it. I need to learn to like the color, I guess. Not sure if it's a deal breaker. What do you think?


(folded up)




(it zips! YES!)


(interior pockets FTW!)


How do you think I did this month? I'm more pleased than I anticipated. I couldn't remember everything I got before I opened it, but I remembered not being happy when trading ended lol. It all worked out much better than I hoped. I'm always impressed with the quality of the items in person versus what they look like on the site.

For information on Little Black Bag please refer to this post.

If you’re interested in opening your own Little Black Bag here is a referral link for you! You know you want to use it! haha

Disclaimer: I purchase my own LBB, but there is a referral link(s) in this post, which gives me credit once you open and bag and it ships. Every member of LBB gets the referral link option.