July 2012 GlossyBox Photos & Review

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Last month, GlossyBox focused on Summer Simplicity. This month they're moving on to Summer Nights. Am I the only one who has the song from Grease stuck in my head right now??? If you didn't before, I bet now you do haha

Currently available in 19 countries, GlossyBox has become known for their high quality samples and prestigious brands such as NARS, Lancome, Laura Mercier, and more.


So, what is in the July 2012 GlossyBox? Let's check it out!

The first item is from Alessandro International and is the Pedix Heel Rescue Balm. At first, I'm all... omg this stinks. Not horribly, but it's a weird smell mixed with menthol. But ohhhh does it feel AMAZING. It's nourishing and actually cools my feet. I applied it an hour ago and my feet still feel cool! And I love it when my feet are cold at night, it helps me sleep. I would absolutely buy a full size of this over and over.


Next is the Figs & Rouge Lip, Face & Body Balm. I'm not crazy for the smell... and when you put it on your lips the smell and taste get into your mouth, which kind of isn't fun. But it is extremely moisturizing. I don't know about the give and take, though. On one hand, I have a minor headache... on the other hand it feels SO GOOD.

Up third and fourth by Sebastian is the Color Ignite Multi Tone Shampoo and Conditioner. The heavens have parted and we finally see a sample service send over the matching Shampoo and Conditioner. HUZZUH! So many times you get one or the other, and they're always marked "best if followed by the conditioner" and it's like... well how can I accurately test this if I only have part of the equation? Anyway, the shampoo is okay, and both products do what they say and make the hair lustrous. However, the Conditioner stinks a bit. (What is it with me and smells and this box?!) If it was over the moon amazing, I could get past it... but I wouldn't buy a full size.

Next from Senna Cosmetics we have their Double Dose Lip Lacquer. On one side is a nude peach shimmer and on the other side is an apricot shimmer. The shades are lovely, but rather sticky.

And, this months special surprise, a sample of Blushed fragrance by Ruddy Water. The scent is very strong, and smells of perfumed candy. It makes me extremely thirsty and hungry lol


Overall, I enjoyed this months GlossyBox. I love the brands, and the value is definitely there. Another extra was a hard copy of the new “Glossy Mag”, which you can also view online.

GlossyBox is a subscription service. You sign up on the website and then from there you can order your subscription based on one month, six months, or a year. You’ll answer a series of questions and based off of that, you will receive a customized box. This is all pretty standard for a beauty subscription service.

The price is a bit higher than that of other services you may have heard of or belong to. At $21 I would expect double the awesomeness of what I’d receive from, say, Birchbox.

GlossyBox will always offer a MINIMUM of five products. After receiving your box, you can fill out more surveys in order to rate the products you received so they can better tailor your next package. So, basically, after a few months of the service, your packages should be PERFECT.

**TIP – Make sure you review the products received in your GlossyBox to receive 20 GLOSSYDots per review. You can use these toward your own free box!**