July 2012 Beauty Box 5 Review

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Happy Friday!!!! I have another Beauty Box Subscription Service to share with you! It seems like there are a lot out there, but they all have the same premise... Pay some money per month, get 4-5 beauty samples delivered to your door.

This service I'm showing you today is from Beauty Box 5, which gives you the option to pay monthly (for $12.00), pay quarterly ($30.00, for a savings of $6.00), or yearly ($100.00, for a savings of $44.00). I like that they discount the boxes so well to try and get your year-round business. But, how does this service stack up against the rest?

Starting off, presentation is stellar. The box is that shade of near-Tiffany blue that makes every girl drool. Inside all of your products are housed in a drawstring organza bag and there is a card included so that you can learn a little bit about the products inside.


Let's go over the contents, shall we?


Inside we find the following items:

~ Blinc Mascara (mini)

~ Curls Gel-les'c (8oz size)

~ Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer (good for 5+ washes)

~ Bodyography Makeup Primer (1oz size)

I'm pretty sure Blinc has their hand in every beauty box out there. I'm inundated with Blinc Mascara samples. Which would be fine, but I'm not a fan. A lot of people DO like this product, though, so it's a good one to get with your box.


The Curls Gel-les'c was okay. It says to apply to freshly cleansed and conditioned hair while it's still wet AFTER applying Quenched Curls Moisturizer. I don't know about you, but that product isn't something that I just keep handy. It did make my hair slightly wavy without it, but I have a heavy frizz factor, and it wasn't lookin pretty after I stepped outside. Perhaps when used in conjunction with the moisturizer it does better. On a huge upside, it smells great!

Spongeables Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer is awesomeeeeee. It feels and smells great and gets the job done. No complaints, only love. I would totally re-purchase.

Finally, Bodyography Makeup Primer. It's decent. I'm not the hugest fan of a makeup primer. I usually feel like it's an unnecessary step and there are only, I believe, two out there that I've tried that I've thought are worth it.

So do I think this is better than the rest? Hmmmm... it's hard to say. Birchbox is only $10 a month, and I like what I get in there much better. BUT, there are some months with Birchbox that I hate what I get. So, maybe this wasn't a good month for me and Beauty Box 5. For the $12 a month for this subscription, based off of the contents of this box, I wouldn't be happy with what was inside.

I did check out a few other reviews on this box online, and there was a review where the one girl got a killer box from last month. It seems like it's hit or miss, like every other subscription service.

What do you guys think of Beauty Box 5? Have you tried the service or are you thinking of joining? Talk to me ;)