Jesse's Girl WICKED Glow Stix Lip Gloss Swatches & Review

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Jesse's Girl has something I've never seen before... Glow Stix Lip Gloss. It's like you broke open a glow stick and swiped it all over your lips (without the dangerous and poisonous consequences). Glow Stix Lip Gloss is available in three shades - Red Dawn, Tangerine and today's post of Wicked. (You may have seen a preview of this if you follow me on Instagram! Also on that photo a few beauties gave advice on how they'd wear this gloss).

(above this gloss is shown on my lips in a photo taken indoors with flash)


I swiped this gloss in several different lighting areas and with different movements of my arm. The dayglo shifts so well & is so noticeable that it looks different every way you move it!

Wicked is a day glow highlighter... super wild type of gloss. It wasn't sticky at all and I think looked majorly cool!


The applicator is a brush and was a little stiff at first, but after a bit of application it became more pliable. Though, especially for this particular product, I think a doe-foot applicator would be better.

Here is my only major problem. Maybe it's just mine, but this gloss leaks if you set it down any way but upright. I thought I just didn't close it well, but this happened three different times all over my counter (yay for laziness and not putting things away right away!).

Purchase Jesse’s Girl Glow Stix Lip Gloss for around $4.99 at Rite-Aid or online at