January 2015 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag Swatches + Review

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January 2015 marks my second month of receiving the Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag and it's safe to say I love it even more than December's bag! Keep reading to see what I got and why I'm loving it so much!

Rainbow Honey January 2015 Mystery Bag Review

What is a Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag? You can buy your Mini Mystery Bag every month for $10 (plus $2.95 shipping) or a Large Mystery Bag for $25 (Free Shipping). This is also available as a monthly subscription which you can pause or cancel at any time. At this time there is no referral credit system in place.

This month the Mystery Bag included:

Dirty Martini Nail Polish. This has a pastel mint, creamy base and is speckled with dark chocolate glitter which is saturated throughout. What you can't see is that there are also very fine holo shimmers also. This polish is so unique and beautiful! It was a little weird to paint on so it took three coats for full and even opacity.

Rainbow Honey Dirty Martini Nail Polish Swatches

Rosey Bot Nail Polish. I love the peachy color on this because it's laced with a metallic gold look. The formula was hard to work with because it wasn't exactly opaque and it tended towards patchy. Three coats made it look pretty decent and it's probably only noticeable to me anyway in person lol

Lemon Sorbet Nail Polish. Even after three coats this was pretty sheer but it would make a beautiful topper for so many shades. It reminds me of snowfall but with a flash of gold like sunlight breaking through.

Lemon Sorbet Soap Bar. Can I just say that this Lemon Sorbet scent is probably my favorite of anything ever. This brand any brand I LOVE LEMONS. The soap bar smells amazing and this is one thing I'd have loved a bigger size on. This one is tiny and all fancy looking so I keep it by the sink for hand washing.

Lemon Sorbet Sugar Lip Scrub. Rather than being overly gritty this has a creamy texture with some sandy bits mixed in. It smells, feels and tastes amazing. Not saying I eat it, but I mean it's on your lips so you're going to taste it ;)

Lemon Sorbet Nourishing Lip Balm. This is like smearing melted cookies on your lips. IT'S SO FREAKING GOOD. Moisturizing and not thick. I'd rebuy this a million times over.

I did so many different angles of the nail polish swatches because I was trying to catch the holo in Dirty Martini. It never quite popped up but hopefully if the sun ever comes out I can run back outside and get another pic.

January 2015 Rainbow Honey Swatches Dirty Martini
Rainbow Honey Lemon Sorbet Dirty Martini Rosey Bot Swatches
Rainbow Honey January Mystery Bag swatches

The photo below is the only one taken with a flash.

January 2015 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag swatches flash

Do you need this? If you love getting new nail polishes and products every month then YES. I believe you really only need to sub for the Mini Mystery Bag because the products sent are generously sized – plus if you’re like me you really don’t need more full size bottles of polish… not enough time in life to get through them all!

What do you think of the January Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag? I’ll definitely be getting February's shipment – will you?