January 2014 Nail Art Society Swatches & Review #CaliforniaDreaming

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Is it Summer yet? This weather is really kicking my butt. Sure the cold wreaks havoc on the skin, hair and nails - but we're stuck at home! I refuse to drive in any weather condition that could potentially be hazardous. (I know, I'm totally living in the wrong climate lol).

For the January 2014 installment of Nail Art Society the theme is California Dreaming. So, at least for a little bit I can pretend that I'm in a tank top feeling the warmth of the sun rather than cuddling up in a hoodie and thick socks.

For this look I incorporated all of the items that were supplied with January's kit and also used a polish from my last review on this service. To start, I applied Jessica Cosmetics Custom Nail Color in Tangerine Dreamz (from the Gelato Mio Collection) as a base. On the ring finger I also added on a top coat of Floss Gloss Stun before applying one of the bow decals diagonally across the nail. I also added two pearls on either side because I thought it needed a little "more".

Nail Art Society January 2014 #CaliforniaDreaming Nail Art Box

On the other nails the idea was to take some of the stickers from Joyme. No matter what I did they kept getting attached to each other and curling up. I even did some online searching on how to pick them up and apply... no dice. (sometimes the simplist things can really just fly straight over my head). So, I ripped the rhinestones off and just placed them myself. I think I salvaged it well enough.

Nail Art Society January 2014 #CaliforniaDreaming Nail Art 2

This is seriously my fave kit because of the bows. I adore bows and having them on my nails all blinged out makes me so happy.

Nail Art Society January 2014 #CaliforniaDreaming Nail Art 3
Nail Art Society January 2014 #CaliforniaDreaming Nail Art

Do you need this? YES. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Pro or a Novice, you can always use the things they’ll send you in the monthly kits. It’s only $11.95 a month (plus shipping). Go to NailArtSociety.com to get started!

Nail Art Society January 2014 #CaliforniaDreaming Nail Art 4

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