January 2014 Birchbox Swatches, Review & Photos

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Last month I said I was cancelling my Birchbox Subscription. And I did. Or so I thought. It must not have gone through when I hit submit, because at the first of this month my account got debited. Birchbox noticed me mention it on Twitter and was wonderful about everything. I decided, what the heck ... let it ride. I'm happy I did.

The theme for the January 2014 Birchbox is Go Time! Full of new products and must-try trends for the new year!

As you open the box the card resting on top gives you a little explanation and greeting on one side and a run down of what is in your box on the other side.

January 2014 Birchbox cards

Let’s see what’s going on for January!

January 2014 Birchbox Go Time
January 2014 Bichbox contents

From 100% Pure, the Reparative Cream, Smoothing Night Cream and Organic Eye Cream. Small sample packets of skin care... ugh I wish I could opt out of receiving these. Great to try, but really you're not going to be able to experience any sort of benefit.

January 2014 Birchbox opening
January 2014 Birchbox Swatches Review

From Fekkai, the Brilliant Glossing Creme. This used to be my HG before I discovered Living Proof products. They work a little better for me in terms of keeping frizz at bay, but the Fekkai is nice for days I want to pull my hair back or for when there isn't as much humidity. Take care when applying this that you don't get too much product on the crown of your head, oil happens hard.

From INIKA, the Mineral Eyeshadow in Eternal Marine. I had the worst time trying to get the protective coating off of the sifter part of this. Then had a hard time getting product out of the sifter. I'm not a huge fan of mineral makeup, but I do think this color is beautiful. It's got a mint green and silver deal going on, can't go wrong there.

From Nail Rock, Glitter in Red. I love the shade of red nail polish included in this box and it was super easy to create a fanciful and festive mani. The glitter will pretty much get everywhere, but it's easy to use and for once in awhile I could do with a little glitter bomb to make my tips look a little more special.

Inika Mineral Eyeshadow Eternal Marine Swatches

And, as a Lifestyle Extra, Assorted Teas from Ahmad Tea London. I love teas, especially in these colder months where I'm usually feeling sick and stuffed up at least one day a week.

Nail Rock Red Glitter Dust Instructions
Nail Rock Red Glitter Dust Review
Nail Rock Red Glitter Dust
Nail Rock Red Glitter Dust Swatches

This months Birchbox was surprisingly good. I'm happy with what I received, especially because I got to play with some nail glitter and rediscovered how much I loved an old favorite.

In regards to continuing my subscription I’m going to let it ride. It's like a trial again for me.... we'll see how next month goes!

They're also doing a fun thing now called Subscriber Sundays! Play to win awesome prizes every week!

Wanna sign up for Birchbox? (Click for referral) If you like what you see in this post go to the website and fill out the form. It’s just $10 a month (free shipping too!) and you get some cool stuff, tho I will warn you, you’re going to get stuff you hate as well.

Birchbox Sundays

***Disclosure – I buy my own Birchbox, but the links posted here do give me referral points which I can use towards product on the site. Once you sign up for your own Birchbox, you’ll also get a referral code to send out to others and get some points of your own!