It's a HAUL of a day!

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WOW. I can't even begin to think about where to start.
I got an amazing nail polish haul in the mail today. I'm talking 20+ polishes people!
I received an AMAZING package from a raffle I won on Swap Tawk. There are a couple polishes in there that are SURE to be HG and I can Franken and play around with whatever I don't like...
I also received my order from Holy fast shipping! They fullfilled some MAJOR lemmings for me. I picked up OPI DS Glamour, OPI Melody In Mocha, and OPI Concerto in Copper. I could not find these ANYWHERE (other than evil-bay)... so to see them on there AND get them at discount?! I almost fell over. Become a fan of them on facebook and you get $10 off ANY order. You can use this multiple times... I did! They'll also send you another coupon for 15% off in your order.

A swap also arrived today containing OPI DS Signature (can you tell I am in love with the designer series?!) and Lippmann Superstar (which was the only one I wanted from the Nordies set).

Here are some pics for your enjoyment... I'll post NOTD pics with these soon. I haven't changed my mani yet because the Orly Mirror, Mirror is staying on GREAT. Better than any polish yet for me!! As a mom, my hands are ALWAYS in water, so for this to be holding on so well... thats 2 thumbs up from me.

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