Items Worth Keeping in Your Carry-On Luggage for Las Vegas

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*I felt the magic of swiss herbs in Ricola® Herb & Throat drops as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #swissherbs – All opinions remain honest and my own.

I just returned from a trip to Las Vegas where I celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary. Contrary to what I initially thought I could not carry-on my luggage. I tried, you guys. Condensing, being sensible... those things were not happening. I needed too many "essentials" for my 5 day stay. Not being able to carry-on had me feeling all the levels of anxiety. While an airline has never lost my luggage the what-if's were still swimming frantically around in my head movies. I decided I needed to pack a few essentials into a tote (aka my "personal item") to lug onto the plane with me:

Items Worth Keeping in your Carry-On Luggage

An outfit. Obviously a no-brainer. Luckily since this is Summer it's nothing bulky that takes up space. An extra t-shirt and pair of shorts as well as an extra pair of under-thangs ;) rolled up on the bottom to keep it out of the way. If you plan on swimming, put your bathing suit in that mix as well.

Makeup. Minimal, but it's Last Vegas so red lips absolutely are involved and I won't budge from that. Mini sizes of mascara, liner, lipstick, eyeshadow that can double as an eye primer and also looks good with the previously mentioned liner/mascara, brow pencil, powder that doubles as a foundation, cheek color that has an attached brush and can also be used as a light lip stain... What I'm saying is that these are your must have makeup items. Everything else, as devastating as the loss may be, is incidental.

Packing for the plane

Moisturizer. TBH I give zero cares about my skin care regime for one night. If the airline lost my luggage I have bigger problems. I can wash my face with soap until I can get myself to the drugstore (which, BTW do live in Vegas and they're your best friend. Keep your eyes open, they blend in, but they're totally every where). That being said, bring a small tube or travel jar of your moisturizer or cream. Your skin will get dry on the plane and it's a need.

Throat Drops. Speaking of skin being dry on the plane I rarely hear about how dry your mouth and throat can get. Everyone says grab a water, which is always needed, but I also don't like to use the bathroom on an airplane. While I know this isn't true everyone watches you go in and they watch you go out. And they time you. Because of that I keep someRicola® Revitalizing Herb & Throat drops handy because they provide a soothing relief to combat all of the moisture being sucked out of my throat while in the air. The Chrüterchraft in the has a top-secret blend of 10 natural herbs including peppermint which always seems to help me with nausea. Keeping these in my mouth also makes it so that I'm not eating my way through candy the entire 4 hour flight.

You're Like Really Pretty Travel

Gadgets. Keep your iPad and Kindle on the heavy charge but keep those chargers with you. That's nothing you want to lose. Also my flight was delayed coming and going and I abused the airport wifi & electrical outlets like nobodies business. Also, crossword puzzles and Sudoku... in print form. Because I'm old school.

Regardless of delays Las Vegas was a blast and even though it was 112 degrees every single day we still ran around like goons in and out of every casino and shop. At the end of it all we're definitely going back but probably only for 3 days rather than 5.

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What are your best just-in-case ideas for packing? Any tips for me the next time I hit up Las Vegas?

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*I felt the magic of swiss herbs in Ricola® Herb & Throat drops as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #swissherbs – All opinions remain honest and my own. For more info on Ricola visit them on Facebook & Twitter.