IT Cosmetics YBBB Brow Power Skinny Universal Pencil Swatches & Review

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Just when I think I've found the easiest way to do up my eye brows I get proven wrong.  IT Cosmetics has a wonderful YBBB (Your Brows But Better) product in the form of Brow Power Skinny Universal Eyebrow Pencil.

What says about IT Cosmetics YBBB Brow Power Skinny Pencil:


What is it: The YBBB (Your Brows But Better) Brow Power Skinny Universal Eyebrow Pencil is an ultra-fine, high-definition, long-wearing automatic eyebrow pencil infused with cutting-edge brow-enhancing ingredients and technology.Who is it for: Anyone who wants their most natural-looking, beautiful brows ever! Also for anyone who wants brow-enhancing and conditioning benefits, wants to cover gray, and wants a soft, polished, naturally pretty look.

Why is it different: The super-skinny tip draws the tiniest of lines, allowing you to easily mimic the look of natural brow hairs, fill in your natural brow, and even cover gray. The spooly end brush gives a natural, polished look, and the universal shade works on all hair colors and skin tones.How do I use it: Use soft, feathery strokes to fill in your natural brow shape. Apply softer strokes to match lighter hair, including blonde and silver. Press harder for darker hair, including medium brown to black. As a finishing touch, lightly brush through brows with the spooly brush.

The shade is in Universal Transforming Taupe and I think this would work best on people with medium to dark colored hair. You can press harder for a deeper color and press lightly for a lighter color. If you have very blonde or very dark brown-black hair you may find that this won't work for you or you'd need to use it with another product.


I thought this pencil was quick and easily to fill in the brows and looked very natural. Definitely one of the best I've tried. Not to mention it's water-proof, sweat-proof and smudge-proof... whew!!

IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil retails for $24.00 can be purchased on QVC.