Introduction & First Impressions: RéjuvaSea Skincare

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Today I'm so excited to share with you a new skincare brand - RejuvaSea. I just received these products in the mail so this is going to be more of a first impressions post and then I'll follow up later on my thoughts on how these products perform long-term.

As a Pretty in my Pocket Expert Blogger, I receive product samples from their brand partners. PRIMP’s newest brand partner is RéjuvaSea! You can access all my product reviews and recommendations including RéjuvaSea right on the Pretty in my Pocket app.

First Impressions RejuvaSea Skincare

The skinny on RéjuvaSea:
Welcome to the destination for beautiful skin, the waters of Veta la Palma. Located in southern Spain,Veta la Palma is one of the largest, most important sustainable sanctuaries in the world. With exclusive access to the sanctuary, the scientists at RéjuvaSea Skincare Labs began to examine the marine life of Veta la Palma to better understand the powerful draw of its waters.


After years of research and study, our scientists were able to isolate what is believed to be the world’s most potent strain of marine phytoplankton. This breakthrough in marine science led to the discovery of our proprietary antioxidant, RéjuvaPlankton. Laboratory studies found our powerful, ocean-based antioxidant to have extraordinary benefits for the skin, including stimulating collagen production, increasing mitochondrial metabolism (crucial to healthy skin cells), and inhibiting melanin secretion (reducing the effects of hyperpigmentation which allows for more even skin tones).

 November Sunrise over Veta la Palma

November Sunrise over Veta la Palma

In order to preserve the natural resources of Veta la Palma, our scientists replicated this nutrient-rich ecosystem at our research and development facility and designed an innovative method for sustainable harvesting of RéjuvaPlankton. With an advanced extraction process, our skincare specialists have developed products with better efficacy, increased absorption and higher concentrations of proprietary RéjuvaPlankton® than ever before.

Does hearing Plankton make anyone else think of SpongeBob? Luckily this Plankton is here to help you, not steal your secret formula.

Total Rejuvenation Kit - $156.00 (Value: $210)
“Complete collection for total skin and body rejuvenation.Give your skin and body the Total Rejuvenation it craves. This complete collection of 6 full size products provides daily radiance and nightly repair with our proprietary antioxidant, RéjuvaPlankton.”

  • RéFine Exfoliating Cleanser 130 mL / 4.4 FL OZ
  • RéBalance Hydrating Sea Mist 100 mL / 3.3 FL OZ
  • RéVitalize Firming Serum 50 mL / 1.7 FL OZ
  • RéPlenish Cellular Repair Night Cream 50 g / 1.7 OZ
  • RéPair Cellular Repair Eye Cream 14 g / .5 OZ –
  • RéHydrate Daily Nutrient Body Lotion 200 mL / 6.7 FL OZ

There is also a 30 Day Trial Kit ($62 value) – 2 oz. cleanser, 1 oz. serum and .5 oz. night cream for only $46.

What do you think of this line? Are you liking what you've seen so far? Check back in a few weeks and I'll be updating you on my thoughts and progress. Right now I'm obsessing over the Night Cream especially!

Want to win a $30 credit to RejuvaSea? (Which means you can buy a trial kit for only $16!!!) 5,000 winners are drawn weekly every Tuesday for the prize! All you need to do is go here and enter your first name, last name, and email address. RejuvaSea does NOT share or sell this information.

***This post is sponsored by RejuvaSea through Pretty in my Pocket, where I'm a Power Primper. Product & payment were provided however all opinions remain honest.

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