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Of course you know about SENNA Cosmetics. After all, Eugenia Weston (creator) is an Emmy nominated makeup artist who has worked with Bette Midler, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and more. You know those brow kits around with the stencils? Eugenia Weston released the FIRST one back in 1992. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Weston at The Makeup Show this year in New York and she's a wealth of knowledge on, not just brows, but all things makeup (Kevyn Aucoin has even referred to her as a muse).

Senna Cosmetics Brilliant Bronze Blush swatches review photos

While at the show I picked up some eyeshadows and then received the mascara in my "swag bag". Later, when I got home, the company also sent me some of the new Brilliant Blush and Bronzer Collection to play around with.

SENNA Brilliant Blush Bronze makeup cheek collection swatches review swatch pics

There are seven products in the SENNA Brilliant Blush and Bronzer Collection*($42.00) and four are shown below. These duo compacts contain featherweight mineral powders that add a sheer but radiant illumination. Each are hand-made in Italy where they are "baked on a terracotta tile for 24 hours and hand finished and carved for the final product. Each compact is made with natural mineral pigments that are gentle to the skin, and cultivated fresh water pearls that contain amino acids and proteins to hydrate and nourish the skin". They contains no oils, talc, parabens or fragrance.

Vanity Brilliant Blush
light petal rose blush and platinum pink highlight

SENNA Vanity Brilliant Blush Swatches review swatch pics

Tango Marango Brilliant Blush
apricot peach blush and golden highlight

SENNA Tango Marango Brilliant Blush Swatches review swatch pics

Dawn Brilliant Bronze
light bronze & seashell pink highlighter

Senna Dawn Brilliant Bronze swatches review swatch pics

Gold Star Brilliant Bronze
radiant, golden illumination

SENNA Gold Star Brilliant Bronze Swatches review swatch pics

The swatches below are done dry on bare skin (no primers):

Senna Tango Marango Vanity brilliant blush swatches
Senna Gold Star Dawn brilliant bronze swatches

When you're looking at the Brilliant Blush and Bronzers in the pan and even in swatches they do look rather sparkly but when you wear them on your cheeks the sparkle provides more of a glow rather than a glitter finish, making this wearable regardless of your age. My skin tone has deepened this Summer so I find all of these to currently be more of a highlighter on me, but I do think that when my slight tan fades the darker sides of the duos will make nice, light blushes.

Senna Powderscope 110 brush review pics

It's recommended that you use the Powderscope 110*($38.00) multitasking scoping powder brush for the Brilliant Blush and Bronzers - but it's multitasking because you can adjust the size of the brush depending on what product you're using - "Firm for powder concealer, softly precise for blushing or contouring, or full for applying pressed foundations, shimmer, or loose powders all over the face".

Senna Lash detail mascara review photos pics

I got the Lash Detail Mascara* ($20.00) in my blogger bag at The Makeup Show this past year. This mascara features a "3D Micro brush with triangular bristle design captures and coats lashes with no clumping or weight". With detail mascaras like this I like to really get at my lower lashes as well as focus on the inner and outer corners to make sure every lash is coated. After that I go in with my regular, more dramatic mascara and the effect ends up giving me a bigger eye because I'm getting every single lash. If you already have long, full, gorgeous lashes this would be a fabulous mascara for you to use every day by itself.

Senna eye color swatches chameleon, spark, rebel metallic swatch pics

While at The Makeup Show I stopped by the SENNA both to meet Eugenia Weston and check out all of the products for myself. One particular item I couldn't bring myself to walk away from were the eyeshadows. Five finishes are available in matte, luminous, metallic, sparkle and glow. To not walk away with every single eye color at the booth was an incredible feat. After about an hour of swatching I settled on Chameleon Luminous Eye Color, Rebel Metallic Eye Color and Spark Metallic Eye Color(all retail for $18.00 each).

Senna Chameleon Rebel Spark metallic eye color eye shadow swatches

So smooth, so pigmented... just beautiful in every single way and they wear so well. Chameleon won my heart immediately with the light golden green shift in the purple.. if you buy anything in life it has to be this shadow.

Do you own anything from SENNA Cosmetics? What's the best thing you've tried?

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*Items marked with a * were received as PR at The Makeup Show or from the company. All of the other items were purchased by me.