Introducing Dior New Look Product Information and Photos - Spring 2012

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This collection of four 5-Couleur eyeshadow harmonies and two Vernis shades is inspired by the shades used in Christian Dior’s first fashion show on February 12, 1947, dubbed the “New Look.”

Each palette is centered around a focal shade, sensual deep green, luminous greige, soft pink and elegant blue, enhanced by four satiny, iridescent or matte tones in Royal Khaki #454, Grege #734, Rose Porcelaine #834 and Bleu de Paris #254. Vernis in Gris Montaigne #707 and Blue Label #997.

Featuring a unique blend of wet, pearly pigments and ultra-micronized pigments, the 5-Couleurs formula delivers pure, deep color for a 3D finish, creating three separate effects: satin, fine and matte. The melt-away texture of 5-Couleurs offers an easier, more harmonious application and ensures a soft, supple finish. The colors and effects are maintained upon application and last all day long.

5-Couleurs Eyeshadow MSRP: $59.00

Royal Khaki #454

Rose Porcelaine #834


Bleu de Paris #254


Grege #734


*not yet pictured

Dior Vernis MSRP: $23.00

Blue Label #997

Gris Montaigne #707

Blue Label 997

Dior New Look Mascara

Gris Montaigne 707

On-Counter: Spring 2012

Diorshow New Look Mascara

****Sidenote - I've actually already spotted these out at Nordstrom, but I'm not seeing on the website yet. If you go in, ask!