Introducing ART ON IT Makeup! Luminous Anti-Aging Foundation, Face Glow & Lip Art Liner Swatches, Review & FOTD

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You know that feeling you get when one of your favorite and most admired makeup artists finally creates their own line? This is IT for me! I've followed the creator Sergio Escalona since his days of working with a luxury beauty brand and continued to admire his art work even after those days. Now, his beauty line Art On It Makeup is officially launched and ready to paint you pretty.


I was sent a selection of products to introduce you to, and I think you'll find them quite appealing! The Luminous Anti-Aging Foundation in Medium, the Face Glow in Angelo and the Lip Art Liner in POP IT.

The packaging itself is easy to look at with the simple black and white colors and a burst of red. The artwork is done by Sergio himself, which makes this line even more personal and unique.


(L-R: Luminous Anti-Aging Foundation in Medium, Face Glow in Angelo and Lip Art Pencil in POP ART)


Luminous Anti-Aging Foundation ($52.00) feels light, but still boasts a sweet medium coverage. Shown below in Medium, this foundation glides on easily leaving the perfect base for your powder as well as catering to your skin with anti-aging properties. This foundation is currently available in three shades - light, medium and dark.

Face Glow($25.00) is so perfectly lovely. Shown below in Angelo, this powder is soft and fine as well as pigmented. You need only tap your brush on top of the powder to get just enough product to illuminate your face. Face Glow is available in two shades - Angelo and Stella.


Lip Art Liner($25.00) This just might be my new favorite thing. Shown below in POP IT, this liner features a precise tip to line the lips with and then if you flatten the applicator against your mouth it's a cinch to fill in the lines. Once this is on and dried (it dries matte) it will not move at all. It sinks into the lips and does feel a bit drying, but not in that cakey annoying way. I wore it alone all day without issues, but you could always apply a light balm over-top if needed. The POP ART color is a vibrant orange but my natural lip pigment gave it a bit of red, making it wonderfully wearable. Lip Art Liner is available in four shades - Rosso 05, Neutral 11, POP IT 24 and Clamor 64.


Below I'm wearing the Art On It Foundation all over the face, the Face Glow to highlight the cheek bones and also as an eyeshadow (yay, I love products with multiple uses!) and the Lip Art Liner on my lips.


This is just the tip of the iceberg for the Art On It brand. You can purchase these products and more on their website as well as find them on Facebook and Twitter. To learn more about the creator, Sergio Escalona, check out his interview over at Painted Ladies!