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HYD for Men is a brand new line for men (and women, if you're so inclined) set to reduce how many razors you use per year as well as save your face and your money!

Shave Cream($12.99) - The HYD for Men Shave Cream contains a unique blend of essential oils. Not only is it hydrating, it'll also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your mans face. He's getting his shave on, and also his daily dose of skincare.


Buffer Stick ($24.99) - This works as a one-step microdermabrasion. It'll hydrate the skin and remove dead skin cells while minimizing the appearance of dark spots and fine lines. Do not use this product more than three times a week.

Razor Shield ($17.99) - Applying this product directly to your razor blade after each shave protects the blades from corrosive chemical reactions. The natural blend of oils will help the blade to stay sharper longer, resulting in a smoother and cleaner shave.

The male verdict. I gave this to my husband to test run and he was pleased with how smooth his face felt without any sort of reaction slash razor burn after-effects. His only gripe was the fragrance didn't suit him. He said it was girly. I personally don't think it's too girly, but what do I know lol Whatever, it works for me because that means these products are allllll mine ;)

HYD for Men estimates that using the Razor Shield alone will save you $37.99 a year. You'll also need only one razor per month, as opposed to the four a month that most men currently use. 12 blades rather than 52. It's not rocket science that this will make things easier on your face, wallet and also the environment.

HYD for Men can be purchased on the website! Save 20% with the code SHOP20. Also, be sure to check them out on Facebook & Twitter! This line is listed as cruelty free.

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