How To: Prep for Holiday Guests

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It's inevitable. You have guests invading your house this holiday. Beyond cleaning like you've never cleaned before and cooking for the masses you need to stock up on the every day home staples. You have to prep for your holiday guests.

Kimberly Clark at Walmart Viva, Kleenex, Cottonelle

I've found that the best way to ensure your guests have everything they need while they stay is by assembling a gift basket for them and placing it in their room. This way they're not stumbling around in the middle of the night looking for things... or worse... waking you up asking where stuff is. This is basically about your holiday survival while at the same time making sure the guest(s) are comfortable.

Holiday guest prep basket ideas

Make sure to include:

Room Spray. Okay, so maybe this one is more for your benefit. You get what I mean.

A Candle. This is something that always makes me feel more cozy and "at home". Lighting a candle gives off a nice scent and can be relaxing.

Treats. Candy, popcorn... something for them to snack on after they go into the bedroom to get ready for bed and watch some TV. I also like to stick a little gift mug in there that has something like coffee, tea or cocoa. They can use it or take it home to drink.

Kleenex. A whole lot of Kleenex. People use them for more than what you'd imagine... makeup removal, cleaning makeup brushes... you just never know. Plus, the festive designs make the basket look good ;)

Holiday Kleenex

Toilet Paper. This is especially important if you have a guest bathroom. Stock up on the Cottonelle. It blows my mind the amount of toilet paper people can go through. Extras everywhere.

Paper Towels. Like Kleenex you'd be surprised what your guests use paper towels for. I use Viva for things like blotting my face, cleaning up spills, a place mat for when I paint my nails, to lay makeup and brushes on... etc.

gift baskets for guests

A card. I like to stick a little note in there. Just say something welcoming and reiterating that they should feel comfortable here. Plus it's an excuse to add more glitter.

Flowers. What good is a guest basket that looks ugly? Add in some flowers to display it beautifully in their room.

For mornings it's also good to set non-perishable food items out the night before. A box of pastries, a fruit and or veggie tray, set the coffee timer. If you baked something leave out instructions and if they're so inclined they can heat it up in the oven.


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What would you put in your guest basket for the holidays?

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