How to Create Selena Gomez Inspired Curls & a $100 (or more) Gift Card Giveaway!

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My hair is no where near as behaved as

It's Judy Time's

is. I literally need shackles and chains to get any sort of styling done.

Initially, to keep my hair volumized for curls, I don't straighten it after blow drying. It's basically a little scary until I finish, but I do spay in a bit of Verb Full Body Weightless Lift Volume Spray. After this I spritz on some Verb Detangle & Defrizz Conditioning Leave-In Mist and blow dry with a round brush. Once my hair is dry I slick on some product, such as Sebation Potion 9, so that my strands will actually comply with the curling instrument that I'm about to use. Then I brush it through.

I'm ready to curl, which, before I found my HG curling iron was more trouble that it was worth. The nice thing about the NuMe 19mm Curling Wand, is even though it's skinny, if you wrap a large section of hair around it you can still achieve a fabulous curl. Since mine laughs at me if I use a large barrel curling iron, this is my only option. (You didn't know curling irons can laugh? They totally can, come over and I'll show you).

After I'm all curled I spritz in some Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray (it holds but you can still run your fingers through your hair and be lovely), flip my head over and run my fingers through the curl using a drop of Verb Ghost Oil, flip back up and spray some more Fekkai.

Here is what I ended up with, and I must say, even though my hair isn't dark and glossy like Selena's... I'm definitely pleased!

You really have to find the products and instruments that work for you. I can recommend you my personal faves (and I just did, hah!) but our hair textures combined with our chemical makeup makes us all individuals. Trial and error are really your best bets!


If you haven't already, definitely watch the video at the top of this post. Judy will absolutely inspire you to get yourself all dolled up with the fab hair.

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