How I Found My "One" #AYTO

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They say there is someone out there for every one. Their "one". I found my "one" when I wasn't looking. Just two weeks earlier I had actually decided that I was perfectly content with no one. Just hanging out with my friends and my dog.

How to find the one

When you're 22 hanging out is all you really want anyway. Then one day, at the local beer distributor (because CLASSY is how I meet my men), I met Jeff. I was picking up beverages for a pool party I was having the next day and he was there to stock the beer fridge in his garage. He invited me to walk around with him and pick out beer. In hindsight I'll call this our first day because our actual first date was a bit of a disaster and the second date was even worse.


After that we were together non-stop, he basically moved in with me after 2 weeks and we already knew we were getting married. A year later we bought our home and two months after that we were officially engaged.


Six months later we were married in the Bahamas. That next year we had our first child followed by our second two years after that.


Since then we've held strong through all of the ups and downs and arounds. Always coming out on top. Because when you've found your "one" that's just how it it all is.

What would you do to find your "one"? How far would you go? This season on the MTV showAre You the One 20 people are living together in a house in Hawaii playing the game to find their perfect match. I've seen the first two episodes and it's unreal how involved I am in this whole process. I actually get anxiety because I want the contestants to match up with who they want and not lose even a penny of the million dollars that is at stake for them!

Watch the trailer for Are You the One Season 3 here.

MTV Are You the One cast

My favorite person in the house so far is Rashida because in the beginning she talked about how she had all this bad luck with jerk guys but she still remained SO positive and seems incredibly sweet. I instantly wanted to be her BFF and help her!

MTV Are you the one rashida

Watch Are You the One Wednesday at 10/9c on MTV. By the end of episode one (watch it here!) you'll be sucked in. Which is good, because you can play a game too! The prize? A trip for two to Hawaii! Learn about the game and play it here during each episode to earn points. At the end of each episode the #1 finisher (one from the East Coast and one from the West Coast) will be entered to win the grand prize. There are ten episodes so that's a lot of chances to get your name in there!

Good luck!