Holiday Incentives for Kids // feat. Hallmark Northpole Holiday Gifts

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ETA: some Walmarts are marking down the Northopole items right now (up to 50% off!!!) - get you some!

The holiday season is the perfect time to reward my kids for all of the good they've done throughout the year and also hitting good grades so far in the school year. I've found that random incentives like this make them work hard all year long and also teach them that presents aren't just handed over. Traditionally I get them a small toy or book that I know they'll love but this year I wanted to try something different and pick up a few items from the Hallmark North Pole Holiday display that I saw recently at Walmart.

Hallmark Northpole Holiday Gifts #NorthpoleFun #CollectiveBias

The display is loaded with toys & goodies for every budget and are all based off of a new movie called Northpole!

Holiday Incentives for kids #NorthpoleFun #CollectiveBias

On this trip I picked up the Once Upon A Northpole Christmas story book + Find me Santa Snowflake($19.97 - Exclusively at Walmart) plus an extra Find me Santa Snowflake(because.. two kids.. I don't even want to think about the fight that would cause with only buying one!), the Northpole Communicator($24.88) and two cans of the Snow Now! (Instant snow: just add water and a little magic) ($4.88).

The Find Me Santa Snowflake was a big hit because it can be personalized to your child. I had mine write their own names on it and explained that when you hit the button it glows and Santa knows just where to find you. Obviously they know Santa has found them before but they also now understand that this is a time-saver for Santa and he appreciates all of the help he can get ;) My kids decorate the tree themselves every year (they help with the garland and I put a few things at the top, but 90% is all them!) and were thrilled to add these new ornaments in with their personalized and homemade ones.

Find me santa snowflake #northpolefun #CollectiveBias
Merry Christmas #NorthpoleFun #CollectiveBias Hallmark

The Snow Now! is a riot! When I told the kids they just needed to add water into the bowl with the small amount of mixture from the pre-measured bags they looked at me like I had lost my mind. The mixture activated immediately and it was a lot of "Whoa" and "Cool" to follow. You can decide how much water you want to add for the desired consistency. I thought 1 cup worked best but I let them add it like crazy the first go around to see what would happen. It got a little slushy but eventually more snow happened. It was a Winter Wonderland, y'all!

How to Make SNOW NOW #NorthpoleFun #CollectiveBias
Snow Fun #NorthpoleFun #CollectiveBias

Look how cool this Northpole Communicator is - every day you can dial in and talk to the Northpole residents! So far we've talked to several Elves and we're all anxious to see what's in store for the rest of the month. You can only dial in once a day so my kids take turns, which actually works out well (even though it normally doesn't under any other circumstance) because they know they're about to talk to the people making their gifts. They want to talk to these elves ALL DAY LONG so it's a good thing the Elves use their breakaway statements after a few minutes.

Northpole Communicator #NorthpoleFun #collectivebias

Check out the 30 second video for the Northpole Communicator below!


Hallmark Northpole Holiday

items are fantastic December incentives or rewards for kids and also make perfect stocking stuffers. There's something for all ages there so make sure you check it out - especially if you're at a loss for ideas on a hostess or teacher gift.

How do you reward your kids for good behavior around the holidays?

***This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NorthpoleFun #CollectiveBias