Have You Heard About TINI BEAUTY?!

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Who here has heard of the brand Tini Beauty? I hadn't (for shame) until they started to follow me on Twitter!

(image above was found at tinibeauty.com)

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I checked out their site and it is SO cool. I'm completely intrigued!! They actually provide recipes on how to mix their products to make cocktails to suit your beauty needs. You can also create your own cocktail!

I was just informed via twitter that Tini Beauty will be having a giveaway when they hit 500 followers! Click here and FOLLOW them on Twitter! I need to enter this giveaway! lol

Unfortunately, I can't go to the store to check these products out in person (the closest ones for me were in NY, NJ, DC...) so if you have these in your area or use the product already I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts and see pics!!

There is definately an order brewing for me. I just need to figure out what I want/need to make my cocktails ;) definately the polishes! Are you making a wishlist? You are, aren't you? Show me!

Sign up for their VIP list here to get the latest scoop!!