Hard Candy Break Up (051) Swatches

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As I was perusing the beauty aisles of Wal-Mart last night (shhhh, don't tell hubby!) I came across a display I'd never seen before. (Granted I don't go to the beauty aisle when DH is there or I have the kids... cause it's just not fun lol..so it's been awhile.)

HARD CANDY! Does anyone else remember when Hard Candy was at Sephora? Am I showing my age here? I had heard whispers of Hard Candy now being at Wal-Mart.. but I'm a need to see it to believe it kinda gal so I just sort of thought.. yeah right.

It IS there, and my Wally World had a ton of it! In those previously mentioned whisperings I had heard a certain Hard Candy nail polish bore a nice resemblance to Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (which I can't find for the life of me).

Enter Hard Candy - Break Up (051)

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Really, I don't think it bears a GOOD resemblance to SH HT, just because it's not flaky. But it IS pretty, and I'm happy with it ;) My biggest gripe is mostly because of my OCD. I need lots of spaced glitter bits. Not here or there clumped glitter bits... so I spent a good bit of time spreading them out lol

I thought it was fun, flirty, and cute! Even though I'm almost 30 I felt I could still kick it with this polish. I just tossed it on top of my swatches of ChG Emerald Fitzgerald and MAC Jade Dragon... but I think it'll get put on permanently (at least for now) tonight over top of something else.

Hard Candy Nail Polish retails for $5.00 plus tax at Wal-Mart. And, YES, it still comes with the fun plastic ring ;) hehe