Happy Equals Healthy for a Better Tomorrow!

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I recently just celebrated a birthday. The big 3-3. I guess when you get to this point it's not so much a milestone as it is thinking "do I need a stronger eye cream?" and "did my butt just sag?" I still feel like I'm a mere sprig of a girl (to quote the movie Hocus Pocus, hah!) and the future looks bright, so I need to focus on what I'm doing to ensure I see as much of the future as possible while keeping myself happy and healthy. It seems like a tall order, but when you think about it, it's quite easy to accomplish. It's all mental! First and foremost, I'm focusing on family. The days are flying by, my kids are growing rapidly and even though we're doing a lot together and experiencing new milestones we're still not getting done everything I want in my head. Sitting back and relaxing with the people you love, sharing smiles... that's the secret to a happy life, not your to-do list!


Second, I'm attempting to not be so rigorously scheduled. I still write things down, but I've begun to list them in order of most important to least important. That way, I know that if I'm getting the important things done then the day (professionally) was a success! Which leaves me happier to focus on special after school activities with my family. Third, I'm indulging. You only live once. Keep the diet healthy, and of course be aware of what's going into your body... but that one slice of cake will not kill you. It actually helps you to maintain yourself if you indulge every once in awhile.


Finally, I'm picking my battles. I can be very Type-A, plus I'm an only child, which basically means it's my way or the highway. Everyone is different and part of getting along and living through life is compromise. Everyone can have what they want, you give a little and you get a little. You meet in the middle. If I'm a firm believer on something, I'll stick to my guns... but if it's something simple like my daughter wanting to wear her leopard shirt with a pink and green striped skirt, it's whatever. Who does it hurt? No one. You have to do these things for yourself today and learn to go with the flow so that you have your ideal tomorrow. Relaxing and enjoying life will keep stress at bay. Stress brings lack of sleep and wrinkles. No thanks!

What do you like to do to ensure your tomorrow is happy and healthy?

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