Handbag Haulage With COACH and MARC JACOBS

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On Tuesday I went on a little excursion with my friend Falyn. Every once in awhile we like to meet up at the mall for lunch and a little shopping. And, lets face it, we had coupons to Coach that were burning huge holes in our pockets.

At Coach, being without the kids, was amazing. It was so nice to take the time to actually look around and try on the bags.

I ended up coming home with this bag, the Coach Madison Ocelot Op Art Marielle Drawsting in Brass/Brown. The choice was largely based off of that side pocket, which in the store I called "the fun little happy pocket". I just thought it was neat and I'm always looking for places to stick my cell and keys so I'm not digging around a huge purse all of the time.

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I'm a little on the fence with this bag. I LOVE the look of it, but I actually wanted the Coach Madison Ocelot Op Art Maggie Shoulder Bag in Brass Brown. I was told in store it only came in the silver/grey, but when I came home to look online I found it in the brass/brown...

DH says the bag doesn't look like something I'd carry. He says the Maggie looks like something I'd carry. So, I'm unsure what to do. The bag I reallllllyyyy wanted was the Coach Flagship Leather Tote in Brass/Curry. Like.. I die for it. But it's WAY out of my price range =( I also had my big heart set on was the Coach Madison Embossed Python Accordion Zip Wallet.

I was also lucky enough to find these flip flops, the Coach Kasey Flat, in my size, which NEVER happens lol So I picked them up too since they were on sale.

Another score was made in Nordstrom while I was waiting for Falyn to arrive. I found this Marc Jacobs bag buried underneath a bunch of Coach bags on the sale table. It was the bag I'd been lusting after all summer but couldn't bring myself to buy on SALE. Black wasn't the original color I wanted, it was some sort of cream shade, but black works more for me in the Fall/Winter months.

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I love the pockets and the slouch of this bag. It fits a ton of items yet still stays a small and easy to carry. The whimsical interior is a fabulous touch to counter the black exterior.

Falyn and I also visited the various makeup counters and all that good stuff. I'll be reviewing everything soon enough ;) My makeup haul wasn't as big since I majorly splurged on bags.

I know I normally post on beauty products, but purses are another BIG LOVE of mine, so from time to time ya gotta deal with that too ;)