Gymboree Haulage

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Inspired by Emily at Wife Check, Mom Check, Now What - I took the late coming $25 in Gymbucks that I had and shopped the Gymboree sale. It's addicting, I tell you.

Here is the haul:

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The 2 tee-shirts are from the Poppy Love line. In hindsight, if I wanted to emulate Emily, I should have bought them in a 2T so Lydia could get some wear out of them next year as well. (that sizing issue is my only regret!)
The long sleeved white onesie is so she can get some more wear out of her t-shirts and dresses this Fall and maybe winter.
The green top and leggings set is from the Cowgirls At Heart line. Totally cute.

The entire haul came to $28.21 (or roughly $5.64 a piece). Pretty good for me! Normally I get side tracked by the full priced shinies and end up REALLY blowing $$ on stuff that will be on sale in a month lol

I owe it all to Emily ;) However. haha always a BUT. I loved that Poppy Love line SO much that I bought a couple more things on evil-bay. Some were bought with Buy It Now and weren't full price retail, but some I sniped last minute and got for a pretty good deal. I'm still in search of the matching black with white polka dot shoes in a size 5. It's like looking for a Unicorn! =\