Guest Swatch - Yves Saint Laurent MIDNIGHT GARDEN 11 Ombre 5 Lumieres 5 Colour Harmony For Eyes

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A few days ago my buddy Julia from Australia asked me if I'd like her to swatch anything the next time she hit the mall. I gave her a few items I'd been wanting to check out and she responded today with swatches of the Yves Saint Laurent Ombre 5 Lumieres 5 Colour Harmony For Eyes in Midnight Garden.

Midnight Garden is new for Fall 2011.
About the Collection, from the Neiman Marcus website:

Step into a midnight garden with Yves Saint Laurent's Fall Look 2011 Collection. With sophisticated purples and deep forest greens, the fantastical colors create a seducing and intense new look for the season.

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Julia mentioned that the swatch photo is a bit washed out from her cell, and that the colors are much more vibrant in real life. She said the shadows are a bit stiff and she had to layer a few times to get it to what you see above in the swatch photo. "All the colours are glittery. It's a palette you will either love it or hate it."

Thank you for the awesome swatch, Julia! AND for sharing your thoughts!
Has anyone bought and tested this one out? What do you think of it?