Guest FOTD ~ My Cousin Lizzie!!

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(as always, pics are clickable to enjoy full size viewing)

Today's guest FOTD is my husbands cousin Liz. I've known Liz since before I knew my hubby. I used to babysit her and her brother at the YMCA! Small world!

I got Liz into the MAC makeup scene this year. It's so easy to get hooked once you visit a counter to get your makeup done. Lately Liz has been venturing into the world of brights. She's a bold cookie. I can't wear them. Well... I can but I don't wanna. LOL

Anyway, on her most recent trip to MAC Liz picked up Going Bananas and Sky Blue. Since she is Owen's Godmother he bought her Sassy Grass. These are some bright shades. Krystal at the Macy's MAC counter at Ross Park Mall showed her how to use Sky Blue and Going Bananas together. But once I sent Liz this look that was shown by Christine from, she HAD to know how to do it.

Now my collection is not nearly even a fourth as extensive as Temptalia. However, we made it work ;) We didn't follow her steps to a "T" but we used what we had and I think gave a pretty respectable showing.

This is Liz's first time wearing brights, and my first time working with them. I was especially nervous about the matte shade of Sassy Grass. Matte's and I don't get along, but apparently I apply them better on other people lol

Without further ado:

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For this look I used:
(we used NO face Makeup on Liz... she seriously doesn't even really need it. She could probably go with a mineral powder foundation just to finish it off)
~ Urban Decay Primer Potion
~ MAC PowerPoint Liner in Engraved (upper liner)
~ Urban Decay Eyeliner in Flipside (lower liner)
~ Dior Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum
~ Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara in Black
~ MAC Eye Shadows in Going Bananas (inner third of eye and inner crease), Sky Blue (outer V and outer crease), Sassy Grass (crease), Shroom (highlight)
~ Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland Book of Shadows Eye Shadows in Alice (outer V, outer crease - under Sky Blue), Absolem (middle lid), and Jaberwocky (over engraved liner)
~ MAC Stereo Rose MSF on cheeks
~ MAC By Candlelight MSF as an all over highlighter
~ MAC High Def lipstick
~ MAC Pink Grapefruit lipglass
~ Brushes - MAC 168, MAC 219, MAC 227, MAC 239, MAC 116, MAC 226, MAC 204 (for brow combing)

The MAC shadows Going Bananas, Sky Blue, and Sassy Grass are Limited Edition from the Dare To Wear Collection and are available at for $14.50 each.

Close up eyeball pics!

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Here are a bunch of other pics, we had A LOT of fun with this one!

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Thank you for being my model today, Lizzie B!!

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