Glitter Gal CODE RED 3D Holographic Nail Polish Swatches and Review

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Glitter Gal is a brand based in Australia that you've likely heard of if you're a die hard holo fan. As of late, this brand is a lot easier for those of us not in Australia to get our hands on, becoming available at several online retailers (listed at the bottom).

Code Red is my very first Glitter Gal Nail Polish, and I can't believe it's taken me this long to get on board. I've been eying it up for awhile, in my endless search for a true red holo. And by true I don't mean a holo they call "red" but it really ends up looking fuchsia when applied to the nail. I can safely say that Code Red fits the bill and is the red holo I've been looking for!

Pictures taken indoors with flash:


Pictures taken outside, in the sun, no flash:


Code Red is a blood red linear holographic nail polish which applied true and gorgeous in two coats. I could have painted this polish on forever, but it would make me sick to waste even a drop of it.


The bottle shown above is the new, larger size bottle. The original bottles were only 9ml, these new bottles are 15ml of holo love for only $6 more.

With such a beautiful polish on my nails, it's hard not to run out and buy more and more. Big lemmings right now from Glitter Gal are Lizard Belly, 10 to Midnight, and Brain Freeze... and of course, the others are on the short list as well!

Glitter Gal Nail Polish retails for AUD $20.00 (roughly $21.14 USD each) on the Glitter Gal website. You can also purchase these polishes for $20.00 USD each via or from, which is where I purchased mine.