Glam Stocking Stuffers for Your Girlfriend

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One of my favorite ways to give gifts is by filling up a stocking full of fantastic items. It's so fun to hand over a stocking full of things you'll know someone will love versus just a gift card or a sweater. Don't get me wrong, you can include such things.... but the stocking fancies it up and when you add in a few extras makes it that much more special.

Marie Claire December magazine

First you want to find the most special stocking you can. To make it special you have to pick one up that would best suit your girlfriend. Does she like frills? Sports? Fur? Clearly if you're reading this she'd be more the glam/frilly type - high-maintenance but worth it ;)

Next, find your inspiration. Marie Claire magazine is loaded with gift giving ideas for the beauty lover, the fashionista, the fragrance aficionado.... just go ahead and use this as your shopping Bible while you're out and about and buy all the things.

Marie Claire magazine gift guide

After you find the items you want to include in the stocking you can wrap a few, leave a few unwrapped... do all, don't do all... whatever you're into. Presentation matters (why would you want to give a beautiful stocking with beautiful gifts and have the items shoved and stuck all around in there?! No. Just don't.

I picked up a few items recommended by Marie Claire in the Beauty Workbook - She's All That - the OPI Nail Polish, the Chanel Joues Contraste (which is covered by the plant but it's seriously gorgeous) and a red lip which is the MAC Dita Von Teese Lipstick - not on this particular listing but they did speak to Dita Von Teese briefly in this issue and I just love her... and did I mention it's red?!... so it's in there. I also like to put in some yummy things that I know they'll love... think luxury and decadence!

Marie Claire gift giving glam

Because Marie Claire helped you along make sure to also include a copy in the stocking. The magazine is loaded with how-to guides, workbooks, editorials, fashion, tips... a ton of fashion and beauty education resources as well as seasonal trends that your girlfriend will definitely enjoy.

What would you like to get in your stocking from loved ones?

glam stocking stuffers gifts for your girlfriend

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