Gifting Memories // Being a Kid Again #Hallmark

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Some of my happiest memories of fun times are from my childhood. I got to thinking... when you're adult... and you're hard to shop for... what would be the best gift to give or even get? Gifting Memories. Not so much with pictures or video, but more like throwback type toys and activities. Guys have their vintage model cars to build and admire... action figures... but really what have us girls had? Until lately, not a darn thing. Luckily the latest trends seem to be girly focused. Now at Hallmark you can get items from the 80's cartoon Rainbow Brite as well as Adult Coloring Books - making for the perfect gift to be a kid again.

Being a Kid again gifting memories hallmark

For my "Being a Kid Again" gift I had to grab some Rainbow Brite itty bittys, Starlight and the book (complete with the leg warmers! ahhhh!) - there are also ornaments if you really want to go that extra mile.

Rainbow Brite Hallmark

Rounding out the gift is an Adult Coloring Book, which is all the rage lately. This particular one is fashion focused... at one point or another I think we all wanted to be a fashion designer or model - so this feeds into that past longing.

After you grab your gifts the Hallmark Greeting section has everything you need to present the gift in the best way... cards, wrapping paper, tags, tissue paper... endless possibilities of decor.

Adult Coloring Books Hallmark

If Rainbow Brite and coloring isn't their thing that's okay... the entire Hallmark Crafters & Co section is rife with items that will make the perfect gift. And if your guy whines about too much "girl" there's also Star Wars so send him off over there & get some peace. ;)

Check out the video below and get inspired to BE A KID AGAIN!