Fun With Rebecca Minkoff and StyleCaster!

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You may or may not know (if you follow Rebecca Minkoff, MinkoffMuse, and StyleCaster on Twitter you do!) but there is a contest a-happenin'!

The main deal is they want you to show off your "Morning After" Style for a chance to win a Rebecca Minkoff Gift Card. aka The Gift Card of Dreams.

I love a theme! I took a bunch of pics and want to share with you my top 4!

I'm no old hand at the timer setting on my camera OR making poses seem as effortless as these ladies, but for a Rebecca Minkoff Gift Card I'll pretty much do anything legal... and maybe some stuff that isn't so legal.

A theme about the Morning After can jump into Walk of Shame territory pretty quickly, so I wanted to channel what you'd look like in the morning, scrambling into your clothes from the night before and getting the eff out. I almost went for smeared lipstick and serious raccoon eyes, but once you see me like that you can't come back from it. And, you're cold in the AM, so you're wearing your mans shirt as you head out the door.

Clothing worn: Grey studded top is Michael Kors, The shirt is my hubbys... I have no clue of the brand (bad beauty blogger!), jeans are from American Eagle, purse is the Rebecca Minkoff May May, heels are from Coach & the aviators are also from Coach. Myla's dog collar is from PetSmart. LOL

Here are the shots I didn't use:

I used this one! It looked rock n roll! LOL I switched out the May May for the Rebecca Minkoff Cupid Satchel in Bright Pink.


And, finally, the shot I almost decided on... seriously, look at the dog in the background... how could I NOT love this one? You couldn't plan something like this. The dog is staring at me with the saddest look on her face... like "Oh, that poor girl... what has become of her. She used to be so on point."


This is the same shot, but sketched out with some deal in Photoshop... I thought it looked cool!


Anyway, the best news for you, no voting required LMAO Rebecca Minkoff is just picking from all of the entries which one she likes best for the win. I just wanted to share the photos since I've never done something like this and it was fun =)


What's your Morning After style???