Frownies Beautiful Eyes Bag Review

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Because I love me some preventative maintenance, I jumped top speed into the testing of Frownies. Used by celebs to maintain fabulosity whether they're lounging poolside or gliding through Cannes, Frownies work to stop the signs of aging while you sleep by relaxing facial muscles. These are especially useful in fading the visibility of what is commonly known as the "11's" (lines between the eyes... like when you furrow your brow. I know I have some younger readers, so go run to the mirror, furrow brow, see 11's, come back).

I hadn't even heard of 11's until my friend was talking about getting hers 'toxed out. After she told me what they were I immediately ran to the mirror. I don't have 11's yet, but I DON'T WANT THEM.

What the Frownies website tells us about the Beautiful Eyes Bag:

Imagine the signs of aging gradually fading away as your skin looks years younger. Frownies' Beautiful Eyes Bag products will naturally help prevent the appearance of problems on the skin around the eyes. You will love the results of daily use with Frownies skin care system.

Eye Gel Patches Eye Gels are an in home treatment to care for sensitive areas around and under the eyes. Pamper yourself with at home spa treatments. Each set of gels can be used for 3-5 treatments when used with Rose Water Hydrator.

100% of women in trials with Frownies eye gels saw a decrease in the appearance of fine lines and skin tone. Immediately!

Retail :: 3 reusable pairs :: 5-7 week supply(when used with Rose Water Hydrator) $29.97

Rose Water Hydrator-Used to activate and add treatment to the back of the Frownies' Facial Patches and to extend the number of treatments with Eye Gels. Retail :: 60 ml. spray bottle :: $11.95

Forehead and Between Eyes Facial Patches (The Original Frownies since 1889) used to smooth and flatten the appearance of wrinkles between or above the eyes; are applied over visible expression lines.Use this patch over the eyebrows, and on the vertical lines between the eyebrows sometimes referred to as "elevens" at night while you sleep to smooth and flatten wrinkle lines between the brow area. 144 patches in the box :: 8-12 week supply :: retail value $19.95

Immune Shield Immune Shield (a whole active form of vitamin E) for under eye and eye lid protection from color cosmetics and environmental pollutants. The appearance of fine lines, sagging skin and oxidation damage are slowed by antioxidant support. Use Immune Shield daily on clean skin before application of color cosmetics. Immune shield is 40% whole vitamin E serum from organic whole oats. Great for after tanning. Retail value :: 60ml :: $32.00

Immune Perfect gel cream moisturizer. 4mL::$4.00

I used the Facial Patches over the 11's (because I am terrified of getting them) and on the outer corners of the eyes (because this is where I notice wrinkles the most on myself. What can I say, I'm always smiling!). They are meant to be worn for at least 3 hours, but preferably overnight. I went for overnight. At first, it wasn't easy. You can tell that the patches are there... like stickers on your eyes. But, hey, if it works, it works and I'm willing to deal to lessen those lines by my eyes and to prevent my impending 11's. It also becomes less noticeable after awhile.


In the case of the 11's - the patches absolutely keep you from furrowing your face when you sleep. As I was testing, I tried to furrow my brow and the middle didn't move. Eggggg-cellentttttt. What is also interesting, is I never thought I did that, but now I catch myself doing it even when I'm not wearing the patches!! =\

As for those outer corner eye wrinkles.... after removal of the patches there wasn't much difference after the first day, but after the second and third day I noticed improvement.

The Eye Gels are meant to be used under the eye or eye lid area covering winkles and bags. You use them initially once every 3 days, then once a week for 30 minutes at a time. What is great about the Eye Gels, is that they are able to be used multiple times! After you're done, just rehydrate them with the Rosewater Hydrator, place them back in the tray, and refrigerate in a sealed plastic bag.

The Eye Gels feel awesome! Nice and cool and they stay cool throughout the whole half hour. These are perfect for puffy eye days when your swollen eye needs some soothing.

The scent of the Rose Water Hydrator Spray is pretty strong when you're misting your face for a daily toner, but when used to moisten the Facial Patches and Eye Gels it's perfection. It works extremely well so that you're not overly wetting the patches, and the scent isn't as strong because you're not spritzing full blown in your face.

The Immune Shield is the product I've been wanting for the past couple years. I'm completely paranoid about getting those lines around the lips that make you look all puckered and sour. Immune Shield is packed with Vitamin E oil to use around the lips and eyes. This is an oil, so if you don't like the feel of an oil you won't like this. I don't care if it feels like a chainsaw. If it'll keep me from the lip lines, send over a supply til I die. There is no scent.

Bottom line. I've ALWAYS been terrified of needles. Botox will never be an option for me. Frownies work just as well, are a heck of a lot less expensive, and safe to use without the help of a doctor or rubber gloves.

The Beautiful Eyes Bag retails for $84.00. Purchase yourself some wrinkle relief on the Frownies website! Don't like to order online, do you? No problem! Hit up the store locator and find a Frownies retailer near you. You're welcome ;)