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Nothing about my hair says manageable. The top is thinning, thanks to past pregnancies. "Oh, it'll stop falling out after 6 months". Lies. Because it's thin grease shows even more than it usually did, yet the bottom is still a bit fuller and frizz central. My hair is officially bipolar. I'm extremely careful about the products I use because I can't put anything that would be an oil near my crown, but I need the extra hydration at the root which can travel up the hair and towards the crown. I have a few frizz fighting faves but for this week's Makeup Wars post, Frizz Fighters & Volume Makers, I wanted to feature a new beauty line from Peter Coppola.

Peter Coppola frizz fighters

This line from Peter Coppola Beauty is called the Keratin Concept Legacy Collection and is called the hair anti-aging revolution! The products are meant to give you that salon-quality hair at home (which we hear a lot about products so I bet you're interested to see how this went over on my temperamental mane *wink*) that will not only smooth and give off volume but that will also restore that youthful look and texture.

Below is a Travel Kit which has 3.0 fl. oz. sizes of the Sulfate-Free Smoothing Shampoo, Total Repair Smoothing Conditioner, 2 fl. oz of the Just Blow Blow Out Spray, 1.5 oz. Steel Medium Hold and Control Hairspray and a small brush that you can flip open to use on the go. These were all housed in a clear bag, ready to toss in your suitcase for any type of travel.

I loved how the shampoo and conditioner smelled and my hair felt incredibly soft - even at the ends! For my style I let it air dry a bit (my ultimate frizz test) before spraying on some of the Just Blow Blow Out Spray (which is a heat-activated frizz fighter). After that I blew it completely dry using a round brush. The Blow Out Spray was fantastic for drying my hair completely and a lot quicker than I'm used to. I ran my T3 Micro Twirl through it to complete the look and smooth it a bit and blasted the Hairspray at the root for a little more volume.

Peter Coppola Beauty Legacy Keratin Concept review

In addition to the Travel Kit full of products I was also sent a full size of the Just Blow Blow Out Spray ($24.00) and a full size of the Anti-Frizz Cream($30.00) which isn't as thick of a cream as you'd imagine. I'd call it more of a serum, but it's not quite as runny as one. It was a texture I wasn't used to in my frizz fighting arsenal, but I found I liked it better and it really worked at keeping the frizz at bay.

Peter Coppola Just Blow Blow Out Spray review

I want this man to come live and create things in my house and also do my hair for me every single day. His products are phenomenal and I'll be making sure that all of them are stockpiled in my house for these wretched, humid months.

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