Fresh Beauty Cleanse Pop-Up Truck hits NYC!

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Fresh® is thrilled to announce the launch of the Fresh® Beauty Cleanse, an exciting campaign featuring its best-selling Soy Face Cleanser. At Fresh®, we believe that great skin starts with clean skin. So this summer, we’re giving away an exclusive Fresh® Beauty Cleanse Kit that includes the beloved cleanser, BluePrint Cleanse Spicy Lemonade, and a card for a free mini Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy (redeemable at Fresh stores) in a stylish Fresh tote on the streets of NYC.


A “Fresh” take on the juice cleansing trend—a current obsession of health and beauty editors everywhere—the Fresh® Beauty Cleanse celebrates the purifying properties of Soy Face Cleanser with a posh pop-up truck. And since detoxifying the skin also comes from within, Fresh® has invited BluePrintCleanse, the original juice company and creators of the famed BluePrintCleanse, to participate in the campaign.

The Fresh® Beauty Cleanse kicks-off on July 25th and 26th with a truck stationed in downtown Manhattan neighborhoods. Inspired by an old-fashioned lemonade stand, the truck will evoke nostalgic memories of summer while offering visitors a chic retreat from the heat. Fresh® specialists will demo the benefits of Soy Face Cleanser, a gentle gel formula that removes impurities and makeup without stripping the skin of essential moisture, while serving BluePrint’s signature Spicy Lemonade. And all guests will be gifted with a limited-edition Fresh® Beauty Cleanse Kit.


There will also be a social-media component to the campaign, so everyone around the country can take part in the Fresh® Beauty Cleanse. Fresh® is asking its Facebook fans to share what they are cleansing from and upload a photo that represents it for a chance to win a $1,000 Fresh shopping spree. The Fresh® Beauty Cleanse Contest runs from July 25nd to August 8th. Fans can submit a new entry every day, and the person whose entry generates the most “likes” wins.


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