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A spotlight on Fresh People
Fresh® is thrilled to introduce Fresh® Moments, a new web series on that highlights notable Fresh® ambassadors for an inside look at their Fresh® lives. Every six weeks Fresh® will profile a different individual who embodies the Fresh® spirit. The guest ambassador will share what inspires them, what excites them, what drives them, along with their beauty secrets, and, of course, their favorite Fresh® products. The multi-media page will feature quotes, photographs, Fresh® imagery, and at times a video reel of an original profile piece about the ambassador.


Co-founder Alina Roytberg will be kicking off the first Fresh® Moments with the debut of our brand video, Fresh Moments for a Fresh® Life

The video depicts the Fresh moments of a day in the life of Fresh® founders Lev and Alina, moments of inspiration, moments of creativity, moments of love, moments of laughter. Filmed at both the Union Square flagship store and Lev and Alina’s country home in Woodstock, Vermont, the video stars all the important people in Lev and Alina’s lives, including their two daughters and even their beloved dog, Latte. The video captures Lev and Alina’s warmth and passion, not only for Fresh but for life in general, and perfectly illustrates that it really only takes a moment to see life through Fresh® eyes.