Flashback Friday

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This Flashback Friday is brought to you by an old High School buddy who NEEDED to post old school photos from High School lol

This photo is from 1996 and was the group shot of the Penn State Talent Search. Basically it was a program where HS kids went on field trips to area colleges to tour. Really 90% of that group just wanted out of school, myself included. I knew exactly where I was going (Pitt) because I wanted to twirl and dance there lol Great way to choose your school, right?

Can you pick me out??

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I'm on the middle-right side, front row... 4th from the right. I miss my hair being that long. Right now it would just be a kiddie jungle gym lol

**EDIT - I just noticed half of this group is wearing flannels! We look like a ragged bunch lol I'm sure I had one on under my jacket hahahahha

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