Flashback Friday

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This is a depressing yet motivating Flashback Friday.

On this Friday we feature a pic of me that had to have been from my senior year in high school (aka 1998). My hair was newly that short then and I was a skinny mini. My mom sent these photos to me awile ago and I just found them in my email inbox. The date stamp of the fwd says 1996 but there is NO way because my hair was almost to my butt in 1996 lol

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This was Pre-Kids... Pre-College... sort of makes me sad because when this was taken I probably weighed around 115lb - 120lb... Currently I'd be happy to be 140! Isn't it strange that back then I thought I was fat? I hear people that age now say the same thing and I just want to be like... Honey, you WAIT. haha.. and OH LOOK I had hair. It wasn't half fallen out from having babies and my hormones being all whacked!!!

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