Flashback Friday

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During my usual perusal of the blogs today I came across my friend Emily (recent Guest FOTD) who did a Flashback Friday hosted by Christopher and Tia.

It got me thinking... wow two years ago... I had JUST found out I was pregnant with Lydia.... Owen was just turning 2 years old.... I had made an extremely BAD decision to cut my hair into a short sideswept bang deal (frizz and summer are a bad combo to try out something like that, it just was not a good look). My Grandpa and my Aunt Gloria were both alive, our little house didn't seem SO cramped... we've had a lot of changes!!

Here is a pic of me, hubby and Owen 2 years ago at the family reunion. Makes me sad seeing my little guy so.... little!

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And... in a REAL Flashback effort... here is a pic of me and the previously mentioned Emily our Senior Year in High School as Thing One and Thing Two LMFAO

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