Finger Paints COP AN ATTITUDE Magnetic Effects Nail Polish Swatches and Review

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How about I didn't even know Finger Paints had a line of magnetic polish? I guess it should just be assumed that this year every brand is going to come out with something magnetic. But how good is it?

During the Sally Beauty Supply buy two polishes get one free deal, Finger Paints Cop An Attitude called out to me. In the bottle, it looks like a shade I've never seen in a magnetic polish (though I'm sure I haven't seen ALL of the magnetic polishes in the world).

Cop An Attitude has a frosty copper base and a burst of reddish orange shimmer with a shift of golden shimmer at the magnetic part. The shade is really quite beautiful, and one of my favorites for Fall (even though it's Summer lol). The brush is wide but not too wide, so it was easy application with this polish. I used one very thick coat of Cop An Attitude for the swatch photos.


To apply this polish, hover the magnetic cap over the nail for 15 seconds while polish is still wet. Simple! Luckily, the magnetic cap part isn't attached to the brush, so polish isn't dripping everywhere while you're trying to get the effect to appear. The magnet seems to be strong and the effect appeared after about 5 seconds. Make sure the polish doesn't actually touch the magnet.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with Cop An Attitude. The polish is gorgeous in color and easy to apply. The magnetic effect wasn't perfect, but placement seems to be a bit difficult on all of the ones I've tried. It'd be nice if on the magnet part they showed where the wave effect was so you knew exactly where to place it on the nail. I placed below my cuticle for each of my fingers (since I have shorter nails) and it looked better on some nails over others.

What brand has your favorite Magnetic Polish formula? Which one has the best magnet?

Finger Paints Magnetic Effects Polishes retail for $6.99 and are Limited Edition. They are currently available at Sally Beauty Supply.