Final Contest Reminder & Update

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Happy Wednesday!!!

This will be the final Contest reminder! If you haven't already, please CLICK HERE to enter my awesome giveaway, that's turning out to be a lot bigger than I ever imagined! The response is AMAZING, and I'm getting a ton of referral entries! VERY cool!!!

Since this contest is generating so many new followers I'm adding on MORE.

NOW this giveaway will include:
~ MAC Plushlash Mascara in Plushblack
~ MAC Clear Brow Gel
~ MAC Patisserie Lipstick
~ MAC Subculture Lipliner

Surprise #1 (added 1/31) - OPI DS Treasure! Picked up this cutie, HOT polish at Trade Secret yesterday! This is a DC'd one, might be your last chance to own it without paying EVIL-bay prices!!
Surprise #2 (added 2/9) - OPI No Room For The Blues from Brights Paige Denim 2009, Japonesque Lashes, and a Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion 3.5oz size.

**SURPRISE #3 - I'm SO thrilled with how this contest is turning out I'll be throwing in a goodie from MAC Wonder Woman! I have no idea what, I want to see what I love the most ;) but I'll be picking this up Friday along with my WW stuff and the other contest items that the lucky winner will be receiving.

All items are NEW and for YOU!


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You MUST be a follower and leave your GFC name. Please be a public follower so that I can find you. If your name is drawn as the winner and I can't find you on the followers list I'll have to pick another name =(

I've received a couple of entries where people posted on their Facebook page. This is an AWESOME idea and WILL be accepted as long as I can view your Facebook page. A few of them have been private so I can't verify the post. If you want to add this entry on to your previous entry just post again with the Facebook link. It WILL be accepted.
I do love this idea and for my next contest (which will happen at 500 followers) I will have a Facebook page created that you can "like" and enter on as well. Giveaways are SO fun! Thank you to everyone for feeding my growing giveaway habit ;)

Also, be sure to check out my sidebar for other awesome contests/giveaways!!

AND - China Glaze Crackle Glaze are available for Pre order on AND at Victoria Nail Supply! Get em while you can!