Fekkai Summer Hair BEACH WAVES SPRAY Review

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Looking for soft, easy to achieve wave? Look no further than the Fekkai Beach Waves Spray, part of the Summer Hair line!

What the Ulta website has to say about Fekkai Beach Waves Spray:


Style: Fekkai Beach Waves, a perennial favorite styling spray that rekindles Summer and creates surf-sexy tousled waves - anywhere and anytime.

Exclusive Oceanic Cooling Complex technology that blends ocean botanical extracts, Australian Sea Kelp, and active cooling agents.


Spray on hair that's dry or damp. Use fingers to shape loose, tousled waves.

Unlike other brands of wave/curl making spray, Fekkai Beach Waves doesn't add a noticeable curl. This spray is more ideal for adding body and texture to the hair, making the style look natural and soft. I love to use this for when my hair has partially air dried and needs something to shape the frizz and make me presentable for public viewing.


This spray releases as a fine mist, is easy to use, feels light, and smells divine. A perfect pick-me-up for an ocean ravaged 'do ;)

Fekkai Beach Waves Spray retails for $25.00 and you can pick this up at Ulta.