February 2014 RocksBox Photos & Review #RocksBoxSelfie

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RocksBox really hit it out of the park with this shipment on two out of the three pieces that they sent. I kept one of them and almost kept another... but at the last minute I decided to ship it back. Keep reading to see what jewelry pieces I needed to keep in my life!

From Loren Hope, Clara Bracelet. I love this bracelet. I wore it twice while I had this shipment here. I had planned on keeping it, but the clasp, while easy to put on was also just as easy to come off. It's gorgeous, but I don't want to spend all that money then just end up losing it. A safety clasp added on would make it perfect! The retail price of this item is $65.00 and the member price is $52.00.

February 2014 RocksBox Photos Review Jewelry

From Lotus Jewelry Studio, Zephyr Necklace in Gold and Diamond Labradorite. The one I kept! I just thought this necklace was so different with the delicate chain and small stones with even more dainty chain accents. The best part? All of those extra chains don't get all twisted and tangled into one another. I know I'd regret it if I sent it back, so with me it stays! The retail price of this item is $76.00 and the member price is $60.80.

From Urban Gem, Outburst Earrings in Nautical. These totally weren't me. They're okay, and I'm sure someone will love them... but my style is more classic. While I'll sometimes venture into the land of statement/color these earrings aren't my type of entry ticket. The retail price of this item is $24.00 and the member price is $19.20.

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RocksBox Jewelry Subscription Box Review Photos

My style is constantly changing and evolving. I love the idea of getting new jewelry any time I want it and not keeping pieces I’ve grown away from. We all have those pieces that just sit in our jewelry box… forgotten. =(


Here is the best part! Yes, there is more! You can get purchase credits for referrals! Let me explain. For every person you refer that signs up for RocksBox you get a $25 referral credit! Also, beginning January 15 get on Social Media (Instagram or Twitter) and show off your baubles! #RocksBoxSelfie will get you entered into the monthly contest where you could win a different prize every month. January’s prize was a $50 RocksBox Purchase Credit, this month could be designer jewelry or a free membership – be sure to enter for your chance to win!

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