February 2012 MyGlam Bag Photos and Thoughts

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After many months of waiting and trying and always missing the boat, I finally got myself on the list to receive a MyGlam bag. Lots of hype surrounds this subscription service. $10 gets you some really awesome products, and from the looks of past bags, people get their monies worth times 1,000!

Unfortunately, MyGlam hit some snags through January and some people were double charged, didn't receive bags... basically all heck broke loose on their Facebook page. It seems they made things right, but I'm not 100% on the details. Needless to say, I was nervous, but happily received my bag very quickly.

I'm going to start this off by saying I LOVE the pink bubble mailer and little makeup bag that MyGlam ships their items in. Seeing the pink bubble mailer had me crazy excited. Now, lets go on to the pictures and my thoughts about the products inside:

A fun Valentine's themed makeup bag stuffed with goodies and some cards to explain. Let's check em out:


I'm sure your eyes were directly drawn to the card that says "$100 Gift Certificate" so we'll go there first.


NuMe is a site that sells hair products and a $100 Gift Certificate was sent to purchase products.

I haven't tried to use it yet... I don't really need any professional styling tools or hair extensions, but it's a free $100 so I will give it a go. I haven't tried to use it yet, but of course anything I order will be reviewed ;)


The next thing, which was a full sized product, is the NYX Roll On Shimmer Eyeshadow:

I received the shade Salmon. While I was excited to try a new product I felt like I was 21 and headed to the club. It's basically sheer and a major glitter ball. So not me.


Next, another full size product, is X-Out Shine Control:

This is actually something I'm interested in. I haven't used it long enough to talk to you about long term effects, but it's a nice product and I'm happy to try it out.


Next up, a sample packet of the Freeman Beauty Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask:

I tend to be a bit wary of masks. I had a bad experience with not being able to get one off (many, many, MANY years ago) and haven't been able to buy one since. However, I do love some pineapple, so I will give this a try, though I haven't yet so I can't tell you whether or not it's any good.


This next item is my favorite of the whole bag - Ghiradelli Chocolates. Come to mama.

Chocolate, especially Ghiradelli, speaks for itself. Yum.


Last was a little sachet of Premier Skin Care:

This is some expensive stuff, and while it's nice to try it's likely I'll never, ever spend that kind of money on skin care. Skin care samples are hard, because a test of one or two wears doesn't even BEGIN to tell you what the product can or cannot do.


Overall, I was pretty disappointed. All the hype for this? I'll be keeping up with this for another month, but if it's another fail I'm done. There are so many of these services out there now that you don't have to settle for one in particular. Try them out, see which one fits you the best! It's fun to get mail ;)

You can sign up for your own MyGlam bag at myglam.com for $10 a month. The way they charge is a bit odd, so make sure you read up on all of the FAQ stuff. These tend to sell out very quickly. Rather than stalking them on Facebook, or waiting for a notification email, I suggest checking the website once a day, that's how I ended up being able to sign up.