Eve Milan The Lacial Masque Sheet Mask Review

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No, I did not misspell facial in the title... believe me, I triple checked (and there's an awesome reason for the name)!

It's not often I use a sheet mask on myself. I worry a lot about breakouts because my skin is sensitive, oily... I have my favorite masks that I know won't break me out and I rely on them. But. There is something about a sheet mask. I first tried them out when they began to become popular.... mostly because I wanted to freak out my kids. Don't judge me, they love it when I play mom-ster. Also, lately, my undereye area and cheeks have been on the dry side so I do like to randomly add in a mask with some hydration. This last time I tried out one of the two Eve Milan The Lacial Masque Sheet Masks($52.00 for a box of 4 // Eve Milan) that I had on hand.

Eve Milan The Facial Masque review

I had two of these masks to choose from - one is Brightening and one is Moisturizing and Repairing, both of which are free of parabens. I chose to use the Moisturizing (in the peach packet) because that's what I was going for.

When I opened the package I was excited before I even put the mask on my face. Why? It's made of lace. Hence the name "lacial". Wearing this I can spa myself at home, moisturize my face and really freak out my kids because they've seen nothing like it. Also, it's pretty freaking haute.

Eve Milan Moisturizing Repairing Lacial Mask review

I found that this mask adhered well to the skin (a lot of times I have an issue with masks sliding off which makes for a not so pleasant "spa experience") and helped immensely with the dryness I was experiencing on certain parts of my face. I was also impressed that in the days after I tried it no new breakouts or weirdness happened on my face, which means it works well with my sensitivity. When you're ready to take the mask off (they recommend leaving on for 20 minutes) it removes easily and you can massage the leftover oils into the skin without rinsing.

What is your favorite type of sheet mask?

Eve Milan The Lacial Masque retails for $52.00 for a box of four, which they say is a months supply. If you're like me and this is more of a "treat mask" they'll last longer. I would personally only do this every 2-4 weeks, since I'm not in need of a ton of hydration. Shop here.

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