Essie STROKE OF BRILLIANCE, SET IN STONES Nail Polish Swatches & Review - Luxeffects

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Time to amp up your Tuesday with some EssieBLING!

I've had Set in Stones for awhile from a previous Birchbox. It just sort of got buried in the swatch box. But, when I received Stroke of Brilliance from a Klout Perk, I decided it was time to unearth it and group them together for a post.


(Stroke of Brilliance on pinky and middle fingers, Set in Stones on pointer and ring fingers)


Stroke of Brilliance is a cornflower blue with different sizes of round and hex glitters.

Set in Stones is a bright silver with different sizes of round and hex glitters.

Both apply nicely for glitters and aren't very sparse (the above photo is just one coat). They're shown over top of Color Club Status Update. Flashy glitters over dark shades amp up my mood for some reason lol

I adore the Essie Luxeffects Collection - with Shine of the Times being the heavy favorite. Shiny things make me smile... and distract me easily. I'm really that person that is walking towards something in the store with a goal, and I'll see something sparkle so I veer off to check it out. In the end, I leave with the shiny thing and forget completely about why I went to the store LMAO Then, of course, you have to go back... hopefully with blinders in place!

Essie Luxeffects Nail Polishes retail for $8.00 each and can be found at Ulta and at drugstores.