Essie Sew Psyched NOTD & Swatches

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Happy Morning to you everyone! Ugh MONDAY! Actually, this one hasn't been too bad for me. It seems like it's going FAST. Been doing lots of dishes, laundry... PHONE calls to the internet peoples whom I can't understand. =\ I know you've been there.

Anyway, I got a bit more sleep last night than usual (5 hours as opposed to my usual 2 or 3) and I decided to paint the nails. I always feel so much prettier when my nails are painted. Like my class level sky rockets or something lol

I've had Essie Sew Psyched (Fall Into Fashion 2010) sitting on my desk for a week. I got it in the mail the same day as China Glaze Classic Camel. Yes, that's how lazy I've been.

These pictures were taken with 2 coats of the Essie, Zoya Anchor Base Coat, and Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat. I was a little worried when I did the first coat. It seemed like it was going to be thin and streaky... no bueno. I put on the second coat a little thicker and now it looks DIVINE! I'm not a huge green fan, but this polish has just the right amount of gray mixed in... like a dusty, dusky green. With a subtle shimmer... Mama likes! Two polished thumbies up!

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This color is part of that whole Military look for Fall deal. I'm not so into that look, myself, but the color is super pretty. It's worth having and much cheaper than the Chanels ;)

Essie retails for $8 and can be found at Trade Secrets... however, if yours is like mine and never gets the new stuff when other places do, you'll have to do what I did and order from, where it is ALSO $8. Shipping is a little high there, but if you order a bit more it'll even out since they have China Glaze discounts.